Программное обеспечение

Программное обеспечение

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Мы разрабатываем интуитивно понятные пакеты программного обеспечения для наших 3D принтеров, для обработки данных в STL и SLC.

Узнайте больше о наших программных продуктах мирового класса из информации приведённой ниже. 


Composer интуитивно понятный в использовании, автоматически выстраивает поддержки в форматах STL и SLC при подготовке к печати. Основанный на оригинальном алгоритме оптимальной поддержки, composer выстраивает поддержки только там, где это абсолютно необходимо по геометрии детали. Это делает работу установки и пост-обработку деталей максимально быстрой. 

Форматы файлов

С Composer вы можете обрабатывать модели в файлах STL, SLC и Stomp. Это избавляет от необходимости конвертировать файлы из одного формата в другой. Проект может быть сохранён как облегчённый формат “Asiga Composer Build” (.combld) или полностью экспортироваться в файл ZIP.

 Использование Composer 

Composer’s automatic part placement tool handles efficient placement of both STL & SLC files based on part contours. This maximises your available build area utilization. You can manage your work-flow by preparing more than one print at the same time and switch between platforms which are conveniently tabbed at the top of your screen.

Composer is a cross platform desktop software supporting Windows, Macintosh and Linux. It is included free with every system with an unlimited seats license for use throughout your office or campus.

Composer Support Structures

System Requirements

Processor 2.4 GHz multi-core
Memory 4 GB
Graphic 256 MB, OpenGL 2.0 or later support
Mouse 3-button mouse with scroll wheel
Network Required for printing
Storage 1 GB free

Pico Registration Required

You do not have permission to download Composer. A Pico / Pico Plus serial number must be registered to your online account. Register Serial


Our cloud computing software-as-a-service QuoteServer brings web-based quoting automation, document generation and part tracking to any 3D printing bureau. It allows you to present a world-class professional 3D printing e-commerce site to your customers with minimal hassle and maintenance.

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Customizable Website

QuoteServer quickly creates a branded website for your 3D printing bureau. Behind the scenes it automates your most time consuming activities including quoting, ordering, document generation and accounting.


Stomp is a powerful STL compression package, compressing STLs down to 20% of their original size. You can also assess, view, rotate and mirror STL files easily and intuitively.

STL Compression

Take a large STL file, compress it using Stomp and email to a friend. They can then open the STM file using Stomp and convert back to STL. It will make handling STL files easier and best of all, it's free!

System Requirements

Processor1.6 GHz multi-core
Memory2 GB
Graphic64 MB, OpenGL 2.0 or later support
Mouse3-button mouse with scroll wheel


Sleece is a lightweight SLC viewer that allows you to scan through all the slices present in an SLC file and check for errors along the way.

SLC to STL Conversion

Ever had the need to convert your SLC file to STL? Well, at a click of a button you can with Sleece!

System Requirements

Processor1.6 GHz
Memory512 MB
Mouse3-button mouse with scroll wheel